CATNIP VOL. 3: Some Other Place

Meeting new people is quite an ordinary occurrence, until you come across that one person who just astounds you right off the bat. Oh, but isnt it a little too early to call out anything? Then again, isnt it a little too late?

For the third installation of Catnip, we bring you a mixtape thats all about missed connectionsthings that didnt turn to what we wanted, beautiful moments gone to waste, open-ended moments, and the what-ifs we cannot run away from. Say hello to that stranger you meet tonightbe it in the form a person, an opportunity, or even the slightest touch of an extraordinary experienceand just accept that sometimes, its really not going to work out. Life goes on for everyone. And upon realizing that those strangers continue with their everyday routines, without crossing each others paths again; give this a listen. Five tracks may be a short-lived recollection, but trust us; its a well-deserved heartbreak company and wishful thinking to get you through a sleepless night.

 Loop Lost

 It surely drives you crazy when a complete stranger instantly gives you the idea that they should play a bigger role in your life. Whats more confusing than falling in love at first sight is trying to figure out how and why it even happened. While you lose hours of sleep thinking about that one close encounter, listen to this track by Loop that goes, Why cant I forget you when I never had your love? and claim it as your new anthem.



Ourselves The Elves I Wouldnt Mind

Ourselves The Elves brings us to the beauty of mundane events that happen with that special person. Biting off of that cheeseburger, or maybe dancing in the rain together, Its an ode to willingly trying out things with someone, hoping that they dont turn out different from what you expected, and end up hurting you.


Kai Honasan Tongue Tied

Sometimes, you can get too caught up on how cool a person is that you end up fumbling for the right words, probably causing you to say the wrong things at the right time (what a waste!). Depending on who youre dealing with, it can be a hit or miss some may find the error adorable, while others, not so much.


Cheats Newspaper Girl

She dont even need to try so hard.


Cheats is with us when it comes to admiring that person who does not even do a thing, but still is at his/her best self all the time. Put this song on repeat for that instant smile giver.



 Banna Harbera Aside

 Aside is that song which gives you a breath of fresh air, an encouragement to a person who is unsure of how to go about with feelings that have been kept for a long while. Now go get em, tiger!




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