CATNIP VOL. 1: Prologue

Photo by Koji Arboleda

Photo by Koji Arboleda

From the depths of TOMCAT and KittensHQ, a bunch of minds from different corners of our little world have collaborated to bring you Catnip—a series of mixtapes KittensHQ will be releasing every Monday. We’ve partnered up with our friends from Amplify.PH to make this happen, so get ready to be introduced to all-original music from local artists all over the country. And aside from streaming, you can download all the songs for free from the website!


Maybe you guys haven’t noticed, but for Thomasians, a month of school just flew over our heads. This probably hasn’t sunk in for most freshmen, but you should know college is the time to throw away the high school baggage —putting on those new shoes, and dancing like yesterday never happened! But the excitement of starting anew can sometimes be accompanied by that knowing sadness of leaving something behind. As the first installation of our series, Catnip Vol. 1: “Prologue” is a trip to the different dimensions of beginnings—of what it feels like to be back at square one.


Veronica and I – New Day

In a perfect world, new beginnings probably start out like how it is in adventure movies—getting up with the sun shining bright, grabbing your bags and stuffing with whatever, and running outside like nothing can stop you. First up on our Prologue mixtape is indie pop duo Veronica and I’s New Day and it’s the perfect start to our beginnings playlist: “Are you ready? / It’s only if you’re ready.”


 Paola Mauricio – Piece Together

 But sometimes it could get rainy and messy, too. The last track on her Testing the Waters EP, Paola Mauricio heartbreakingly sings “You write me off like I’m so easy” under a minimalist synth-driven R&B backdrop. “Let’s be normal,” she suggests to a lover she wants to sever ties with. Beginnings are often sparked by the end of beautiful things, and that’s totally okay.


 BP Valenzuela – Pretty Car

This one’s about that familiar feeling of constantly wanting to escape from the common route, looking for any form of difference even in the simplest things like a good conversation. Still, it’s about being so used to that situation, to the point that you’ve gone numb and afraid to step out of your comfort zone—no matter how enticing the difference is. Wow, BP got us thinking deep.


Joseph Wu – Ain’t Coming Back

A track from an EP aptly-named “New Beginnings”, this is some folk pop for those who just want to stray away from the gameplan life has seemingly laid out for them. Sell your soul to rock and roll, and never look back.


The Pull-It Surprise – I Found (Acoustic)

A stripped-down tune by pop punk-influenced band The Pull-It Surprise, it’s a gentle approach on the sweetness of finding something you weren’t looking for, and eventually falling in love with it.


Idioms & Dispositions – Faintlight Dreams

And after a day of embarking on a whole new journey, maybe all you want to do is drown in the happiness before hitting the sack. Be it in a bar, or a club’s dancefloor, or just inside your room with your headphones on—this song by Idioms and Dispositions is laden with their trademark melodic hooks, something thatwill surely give you that “I did it!” groove you can dance to (even if you’re terrible at it!)



We from TOMCAT and Amplify hope you support the artists you discover through our Catnip mixtapes. Aside from downloading their songs from Amplify site, go purchase their music in whatever format you like, buy their merch, and find time go to their shows. This is the brain child of a collaboration that ultimately aims to further promote artists from our local music scene, and we hope you enjoy every single one of them. Cheers!