CATNIP VOL. 8: Waiting Game

Sketch art by Luis Domingo

Sketch art by Luis Domingo

When Tugtog Productions and Words Anonymous collaborated for the second UGONG gig at Route 196, it was nice to see Juan Miguel Severo was part of the powerhouse line-up. Everyone probably knows him already—he’s that guy who went viral with “Ang Huling Tulang Isusulat Ko Para Sa’yo” and is now a supporting character in a primetime television show on ABS-CBN. Performing his pieces alongside folk band TheSunManager’s set, the instrumentals worked as a canvass for Severo’s words to sink its teeth on everyone inside Route.

Severo painted the picture for everyone: he and his significant other are going out to the movies, and being the more punctual half of the relationship, he arrives to the cinema house earlier than his date does. The waiting starts, and the story branches out.

His persona talked about the pain of standing by, how it’s different now than being that kid his mom forgets about while she does her palengke shopping—she would always come to pick him up, but this time, Severo has that fear that no one will do the same for him. By the time the cinema’s closing credits roll in his narrative and TheSunManager strikes the last chords to the piece, everyone was at awe. Some were crying, of course, and who can blame them? There’s no denying that, be it in different contexts, what Severo talked about is a game we’ve all played before.


The Waiting Game - Inday Bote

We’re not Juan Miguel Severo to have a lot to say about all this, but we can do so with the eighth volume of Catnip: “Waiting Game”. And we’re starting off with a track of the same name!


Counting the Days by Lil Miao


Delay - Maya's Anklet


Hintayin - Kley


Friendzone - Segatron


Your Electric Kiss is Late Always - Moonwlk


Pila - Luna's


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