CATNIP VOL. 6: Caffeinatrix

Last week, we celebrated the first-ever official International Coffee Day, much to the enjoyment of every overly-caffeinated creature in this planet. The International Coffee Organization (yes, there is such thing) didn’t put this up just to glorify the world’s obsession with the bean juice, though, but rather to promote fair trade of coffee and to raise awareness for the plight of coffee growers.

This week’s CATNIP is that Coffee Day hangover mix; a trip to the different sensations of what caffeine can be to anyone. Whether coffee to you is that kick of nostalgia that keeps your mind close to home, or that rocket fuel that keeps your overworked body running—we’re hoping this one’s something you can sip on. And if you didn’t have the chance to enjoy even a cup of your favorite blend during October 1st, well here’s your chance. We don’t care if you’re sipping on some sosyaling third wave or #tipidmoves 3-in-1, just pair ‘em up with a couple of tracks from and we guarantee you a perfect blend! And when your coffee experience is this satisfying, wouldn’t every day be Coffee Day?

Ivan Theory – Coffee

Hey, we almost forgot, it’s prelims week! A little taste of that heat a month or two before the real hell week. “It’s just me and coffee,” Ivan Theory sings on our first track. Being restless and not being able to deal with things from beginning to end (like that pile of readings you have yet to sift through), sometimes coffee is thart study buddy you can stay up late with.

Corona Borealis – Flavors and Caffeine

But we’re not here to promote insomnia. To some, coffee is their milk before bedtime to give them some shut-eye. Overstressing and lack of sleep won’t do you any good in your exams, so take this pop electronica downer—decaf, perhaps?—get some rest, ace that test and thank us later.

Chocolate Grass – Better Than A Kiss Itself

Because let’s be real here, what’s a coffee shop playlist without a little bit a lot of soul?


At The Moment – Home

Thank the heavens for 24-hour unli-tambay coffee shops, right?! Hitting the books, especially during exam week, will take hours and hours of your time—might as well dub the nearest Starbucks as your new home, then!



In the midst of struggling with your acads, balancing notes and textbooks from left to right, this mellow track by Lustbass offers you comfort in the irony of things: the title itself is like a pat on the back, reminding you that memorizing months’ worth of lectures in a few days may be a punch in the gut now, but all will be fruitful in the end when your prof hands you that glorious, unforgettable uno.


Rusty Machines – Can’t Hardly Wait

Wake up! Rusty Machines caps off this soundtrack with a powerhouse concoction of beats and guitar riffs. Attacking you with a progressive drumroll, it’s a kick like that of a classic swig of double espresso only music as good as this mix can mimick. Time to charge up and get those pages turning! It’s gonna be a long night. Good luck!