CATNIP VOL. 5: What's Good

It’s been a month since the Miley-Nicki diss-off during the 2015 VMA’s blew up on national television, but we sure hope the reference for this week’s mixtape title isn’t too outdated. In reply to the ‘Anaconda’ rapper’s nasty on-stage outburst, Miley said: “I lost this award back in 2008 and I was fine with it! Whatever, because it’s no big deal! It’s just an award and I persevered! … Congratulations, Nicki.”


If there’s one thing we can get from what happened during the VMAs, it’s that the industry could get pretty messy. Some would even generalize hip-hop artists as ill-mannered and rude. When there has always been this connotation of hip-hop as a genre that promotes violence, drugs and vices—this popstar catfight doesn’t really help. It’s so hard to get rid of that bad reputation, when it’s supposed to be all about the music. It doesn’t have to involve unnecessary disputes and getting on each other’s nerves for what artists say to the media. Chill lang!

People’s Future – Time Was (ft. TAO)

However, the hip-hop industry in the Philippines is actually pretty low-key, so we thought we’d make Catnip Vol. 5 about these artists who may not have received tons of awards for their material, but—just like Miley—they don’t care, and just keep on doing what they do. We all know about the legends Francis M and Gloc-9, but it’s time to say hello to the new artists of the local hip-hop scene! We’ve got the societal awareness of People’s Future on a track featuring TAO, CB Automatic’s profession of love to his “Top Girl”, and even a track from multi-awarded super duo Q-York that samples Journey’s 1981 hit, Don’t Stop Believing.


Q-York – Keep Dreaming (ft. Chelo A)



CB Automatic – Top Girl

Despite the negativity that seems to be on the spotlight when it comes to hip-hop, sometimes it’s simply a genre that’s all about going for the gold, telling us that it’s never too late to make the world our oyster, and how we deserve to celebrate our victories—no matter how big or small they are.


Fly Level – Everyday

So what’s good? Hip-hop is. Life is. And this mixtape. Enjoy!


aero. – Cheers


We from TOMCAT and Amplify hope you support the artists you discover through our Catnip mixtapes. Aside from downloading their songs from Amplify site, go purchase their music in whatever format you like, buy their merch, and find time go to their shows. This is the brain child of a collaboration that ultimately aims to further promote artists from our local music scene, and we hope you enjoy every single one of them. Cheers!