CATNIP VOL. 10: Walang Iyakan

How about we play a game? Here’s what happens: imagine all your friends leaving you, your house getting burned down, your pet dying, and someone eating that last piece of pizza you’ve been saving on the fridge. Basically, you become the fourth Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events—the universe seeming to have this destructive plot against you and you can’t do anything about it. But here’s the challenge: walang iyakan.


December Avenue - Dahan

For the tenth volume of Catnip, we are to test the limits of your tear glands’ capacities. Crying is a display of weakness to some, but a deed of strength to others. Nevertheless, we’ve all been there. And whatever it means to you, it’s always going to be a result of being filled to the brim with your emotions. We can only take so much.


Anj Florendo - Tapusin (piano version)

Adele’s been releasing her new stuff lately and they’re as sad as they could be. Didn’t cry over that? Well, here’s our attempt. We don’t have Grammy Award winners on this playlist but we do know this is enough to make you remember things you’d want to forget. We don’t know if this will make you lose to our little game, but try not to. 


Gabe Piolo - Possibilities


Half-Lit - early/late

“Where does your sorrow go when you find yourself completely alone?”


LM Cancio - Shouldn’t Have Told You

We’re all human and crying is supposedly okay, but sometimes you just have to try keeping it in, right?


Midnight Meetings - Bawal Ang Malungkot Ngayon



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