CATNIP VOL. 2: Late Na ‘Ko, Walang Masakyan

In any life event, the course from point A to point B is sure to have some bumps along the road. Put this in a context wherein you’re a university student, point A being your house and B your school, and those road bumps would most probably come in the form of automobiles—hundreds of them swarming in the intersections of España, and in every single road turn you take en route to UST. Nevertheless, you’re optimistic, and you’ll think, “Oh, it’s fine, I can take the train anyway.” But once you reach the station… [bleep]!

For the second volume of Catnip, we’re talking about something almost all of us go through every day (not a word, dormers)—the commute. We think the mixtape’s title speaks for itself; “Late Na ‘Ko, Walang Masakyan” is for the everyday commuter who’s got nothing but rants on Twitter and long posts on Facebook the government would never notice. We could complain all we want, but most of our cries fall on deaf ears, so why bother? During those times when you’re anxious, when the universe conspires against you, or those badtrip-hassle-sa-muscle moments you just want to get over with—give this mix a listen instead. It’s that metaphorical hand that comfortingly pats you on the shoulder, saying: “Okay lang ‘yan. Ayusin mo nalang ‘yung iboboto mong presidente next year…”


Giniling Festival – Pasukan Na

When you’re running late for class, it feels like the universe has aligned itself specifically to piss you off. What can your friends do, come in late with you? Stall the professor? Check your class attendance? – We’re not recommending anything! But do not fret, ‘cause alternative rock band Giniling Festival’s got your back. Jam to this track down the highway and know that you are not alone.


Perkywasted – LRT

Having to ride the train can sure make you feel like a fish out of water—specifically, a pack of sardines. What’s that? Is that a code red signal? Great! Now add a dash of powerful vocals, two tablespoons of punk rock and just a pinch of implosion (there literally isn't enough room in the LRT coach to flip out) and you've got yourself the ultimate Badtrip Breakfast Special. Help yourself! No, really, you're late for Calculus. Help yourself.


Mad Hatter Day – Finding Atlantis

Oh, what would the world come to if Uber, GrabTaxi, or GrabCar didn’t exist? Wait a minute – what do you mean “we can’t find you a driver”?! Alright, now we’re giving you the license to enter panic mode. You know how you want to call for help but there’s nothing you can do? This song from the album Alice in Distress rings a bell.


Actually Not Here – Beyond Reasonable Approach

"Should we count the minutes and the endless speed at which we're moving?" – ah, yes, such is this most nerve-wracking thing called ‘time pressure’. Unless you’re time-bending Japanese teleporter Hiro Nakamura from FOX’s Heroes, we’re pretty sure you can all relate to this one.


A Problem Like Maria – Slow

How to solve a problem like España? If España rush hour traffic could speak, this track is what it would say. Hang in there, buddy. Give yourself a break and have some in-between trip PB&J. Almost Technicolor kicks the song off with a beat that’s kinda laid-back but is so filling at the same time (peanut butter), and the moment Maria Carmina opens her mouth for this sexy R&B track, she just slathers on that sweetness all over (jelly)—and the whole experience is scrumptious ‘til the last bite.


Carlo Lava –Tired

Now that you’ve had your hefty fix of frustration (we can’t blame you!), maybe you ought to give yourself some downtime. Sit back, relax, and move at your own pace (no pun intended…) because after all, what else is there to do mid-traffic jam? It’s 2015 and flying cars still haven’t been invented – can you believe that?! Shout out to you engineering majors out there!


Autotelic – Dahilan

From the highs and lows of all this chaos, you’re probably already burnt out from even trying. At this point, you’ve gone full-on sentimental and there’s no going back. Take this time to let your mind do a bit of morning exercise – reminisce about life, reevaluate your relationships, review for your quiz later today and solve the undying mystery of how to iron out Manila traffic. Push mo ‘yan.


Yosha – Café

So you’ve exhausted what’s left of your energy frustratingly trying to answer Life’s Biggest Questions, and you want to just give yourself a real break this time around. Pull up this Yosha track, substitute the FX’s worn-out interior for your own room’s comfortable walls and picture yourself safely tucked in bed before the alarm disrupted this morning’s sweet slumber.


Paranoid City – 2 Minutes to Paranoid City

Sometimes, heavy traffic makes drivers follow an alternative route. This can be helpful, yes, but even that “iwas-traffic” move has its disadvantages. Your university’s just around the corner… after corner, after corner, after corner – and before you know it, you’ve been lead way off-course! Now you have to walk all the way back to where you were supposed to get off. Hustle, hassle! On the bright side, think of it as a spontaneous trip around the world!


Nanay Mo – Pressure

This is it, you finally make it alive onto university grounds, determined to catch up on today’s Philosophy debate. You run across campus to your building, maybe bumping into a few colleagues along the way but not stopping to waste any time. The flight of stairs to your floor is the next challenge, but the employees-only-elevators do not faze you. It’s crunch time. You fling open the classroom door, and prepare to apologize for your tardiness when you see that nobody’s there. You check your phone – one unread message from your class president says: “Guys, free cut na daw sabi ni Sir. Stuck daw siya sa traffic. Keep safe and see you next week!”


We from TOMCAT and Amplify hope you support the artists you discover through our Catnip mixtapes. Aside from downloading their songs from Amplify site, go purchase their music in whatever format you like, buy their merch, and find time go to their shows. This is the brain child of a collaboration that ultimately aims to further promote artists from our local music scene, and we hope you enjoy every single one of them. Cheers!