CATNIP VOL. 4: Snooze

Of all those subconscious emotions that make you toss and turn during bedtime, here’s a mixtape to take us to the complex realms of a vital human behavior. Snooze, the fourth installation to the Catnip series, will revolve around ‘sleep’—a concept us college students have now accepted to be a luxury than a biological necessity. Madonna once said in an interview that she “can't understand people who sleep 12 hours a day” and that her legendary pop star self can function after a four-hour nap. But you don’t need to be Madonna to feel that way; her sleeping habits are probably the same with every graduating student in college! Which is actually kind of sad, when you think about it. Wherein school has turned into a huge alarm clock that never stops ringing and follows you around, it’s a nightmare. We know that sometimes the answer to a bad day is simply a good night’s rest, so shouldn’t we start feeling that we owe these ample hours of sleep to ourselves?


Well, whatever the amount of sleep you think you deserve, here’s to not caring about Madonna and getting your well-deserved shut-eye! Sweet dreams, everyone!



Still the Wild

What better way to start the Snooze mixtape than with sheep sounds, right? We were always told as kids to close our eyes, and count sheep in our minds to fall asleep. As each woolly friend jumps over that imaginary fence, we feel our eyes get heavier, until we doze off to slumber. Most adults would do this before bedtime, but they would count their problems, and stay up all night. Aptly-named jazz fusion band SheepSarahSleep tell you to do otherwise: “It’s alright, it’s alright, I’ll sleep tonight, ain’t that right?”


Rayf Panotes


Dreaming is an easy escape from the harshness of reality, and this song from the UP Circle’s Homegrown 2014 album makes the most of this convenience. Save the worrying for later on when you wake up.


Oswald Sleeps Tonight

Sa Pag Tulog

 And maybe all the good things and the best people we used to have are only there in our dreams. This track talks about a character wanting nothing but to run home and catch some sleep so he can finally dream about his girl again, and again, and again.




Embracing Midnight

If catching some Z’s is a problem, then worry no more. This calm, classical bit by Jezi Matias will effortlessly knock you out in minutes. A smooth mix with digital ambient touches, this instrumental single is basically a one-way ticket to the universe. Be sure you get back, though!


Nights of Rizal

Goodnight ft. Aina

Nights of Rizal is a project by Migi de Belen, known for his quirky pixelated beats that could easily be soundtracks to a 90’s video games. However, Migi holds back on this predominantly R&B single with Aina. The track is simply a charmer, and even alludes to the Roman divine embodiment of the moon, to which we all fall mercy to in the wee hours of the night: “Let’s just play here under Luna’s sky / Good night”.



Dwight Galang


In contrast to its title, this instrumental piece by Dwight Galang hardly sounds like a momentary snooze, but rather a trip to some kind of lengthy intrapersonal therapy. This could last for days and you wouldn’t mind. Put this on repeat next time your insomnia kicks in, yes?                 




And last on our Snooze mixtape is something that lets you know that everything—like this playlist, for example—will have to come to an end. “Dreamer” is some light-hearted electronic pop topped with Isa Añiga’s ethereal vocals, and seems like something that would play in the background while you’re walking around your REM state. Don’t fall too deep in slumber, dreamer, because eventually, you’d still have to wake up: “So stop me from falling too fast / I understand that this is too beautiful to last”



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