Purrks of Being A Kitten

You’ve probably heard about TOMCAT even before the Recruitment Week. You’ve probably seen our videos or attended events where we ran around wearing our black MEDIA shirts trying to keep the event going smoothly. You’ve probably visited our website, kittenshq.org and read our articles, or tuned in to our television shows and radio programs.


And if those don’t make you curious enough to check us out this Recruitment Week, here’s some things you need to know about us, and why you should definitely join our family.


The Tomasian Cable Television or TOMCAT is the official broadcasting arm of the University of Santo Tomas. It is home to a family of the most passionate Kittens and is the ultimate place for the right mix of work and play. We specialize in events, television and radio production. TOMCAT always stays on top of all things fresh, new and exciting.


We asked the Kittens themselves what are the perks, or “purrks” as we call it, of being a Kitten. And these are their answers.


Learning isn’t confined in the four walls of the classroom. Joining TOMCAT will give you many opportunities to develop your skills while doing what you love. There are many avenues for your creativity.


You meet new people who you get to work with. It widens your network of friends. You get to work with people with the same interests as yours. And contrary to popular belief, TOMCAT isn’t only for AB students. Anyone from any course is welcome!


In TOMCAT, you have access to events, both inside and outside the university. If you’re into producing videos or dream of becoming a radio jock or a celebrity of sorts, TOMCAT can make all that possible. You can choose from different departments and divisions that caters to your skills.


You can’t only do one thing. You can branch out and try new things, discover talents you never knew you had.


We have fun in what we do, but we also take our work seriously. We give our best because we are driven by passion and talent and we only want to give quality output. You get a taste of what it’s like to work in the professional, real life, media industry. TOMCAT pushes you out your shell. You develop perseverance, self-esteem and work etiquette. You get to share your talents to the Thomasian community.


Oh, and we are fueled by pizza.


Being a Kitten is being part of something big and amazing! College isn’t all about book smarts. Joining an organization, particularly TOMCAT, will teach you things sometimes the classroom setting won’t.


If you share the same passions as ours, visit our booth at R101 on September 14-18. See you there and get ready to #PASSItON.