Artistang Artlets presented their first Senior’s Theater Literacy Program of the year and it was for free!  Mutya was staged last September 9-11, 2015 at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium.  The pouring rain did not stop the audience from watching the splendid play as it was not only entertaining but glamourous as well.

Mutya ni Mayora

In Mutya ni Mayora’s 100th year, the management decided to vamp it up and change the rules. It revolved around three characters: Carolina, Kerri, and Bianca. The play started with a production number from Carolina Corazon, a beauty queen known for always being the first runner-up. It’s her 6th time joining the pageant and her confidence has never faltered. She will never give up because for her, winning a pageant connotes to being beautiful. She is confident that one day, she will be crowned as the winner. Kerri Gonzales, on the other hand, is an 8-year contestant and she only joined the pageant because her mother wanted her to. Her mother Lucena Gonzales, is a typical stage mother. But little did her daughter know that she once joined the same pageant but was disqualified because she got involved in a scandal. In the end, Lucena will finally find the courage to tell her daughter about this and Kerri will have this drive to win the pageant so she could continue what her mom had started. Then there’s Bianca dela Costa, a transgender wildcard. Before she went under the knife, she didn’t use to believe in the relevance of pageants. She cut off her past self but she still feels like something is missing, like she isn’t a woman enough. She then joined the pageant to fill that missing piece. She thinks that to be crowned in a pageant will prove her femininity. She struggles to deal with her past self throughout the play but she will finally learn to accept herself in the end.

The actors and actresses were very remarkable in portraying their roles as they were very comical and amusing. Each character has a different background that gave life to the whole show. The production design and costumes were full of glamour and charm. The cliff-hanger ending left the audience wanting for more.