CATNIP VOL. 9: #YokoNa

If you thought corporations as big as the Philippine Star, one of the top news publications around, posted on their social media via automated programmes, then think again. For those who were MIA, last week's nationwide hot topic was undoubtedly tweeted by a human --- and a very tired one at that: "Yoko na pagod na ko" (I don't want [to do this anymore], I'm tired).


Wasting no time, PhilStar quickly deleted the tweet a mere 44 seconds after its posting, but not quick enough to elude the twitterverse' vicious retweeters and screencappers. A few seconds was all it took to make the "little" mistake shoot up then as the local web sensation.


But do not fret, PhilStar. We’re sure a good amount of those shares came from people who understand --- people who are probably just as tired and burnt out from school or work. Thus, our open letter of empathy, Catnip volume 9: #YokoNa came into existence.



Rizza Cabrera – Restless Roamer

Penguin! – Save Me

Lila Blanca – Ligaw

Maybe Thursday – Save Your Life

Tonight We Sleep – Enough






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