CATNIP VOL. 7: Tara, Kain! the Merienda Mix

You were probably expecting a rainy day playlist to come out because, you know, it’s been a while since Lando started hanging around our AoR. But we thought, maybe we’d do that some other time, and cook up something that’s sure to help you enjoy the coming days—when classes are suspended (hopefully!) and you’re tucked in bed... with a growling stomach. Here it is, CATNIP’s seventh volume: the “Tara, Kain!” mixtape—a playlist to blast on your stereos while chowing down on your favorite meals. I mean, who doesn’t love pigging out? And in the comfort of your own homes? #WalangPasok? Sarap!

A raise of hands for those who never thought about music affecting our digestive systems! In a published research in the Journal of Culinary Science & Technology, it revealed that when listening to music, most people experience higher food and fluid intake and longer meal duration. Also, their results showed that food tasted nicest when served with quiet classical music and a hint of background ‘chatter’. Well, the following songs are definitely not classical pieces, but we’re sure they’ll get you throwing away those diets for a mouthwatering mealtime experience. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Pasta Groove – Pandesal Sa Umaga

Of course we’re gonna start with a breakfast track. Full of soul and a good spoonful of palaman in between, here’s a serving of Pasta Groove to kickstart your morning!

Hoodlum – Chupoy-Chupoy

The Oemons – Mister King Kebabu

Admittedly, sometimes you just can’t get enough of the good stuff. Hoodlum sings of “Manok, corned beef, chicharon, itlog ng pugo at balut, calamares, isaw, tokwa't baboy” while punk rock band The Oemons sings about Quezon City’s alamat ng shawarma. The vegetarians wouldn’t be too happy about this! To the foodies who are big fans of the wickedly sinful, a friendly reminder: Chupoy-chupoy lang! (Take it easy!)

Giniling Festival – Bread Spanish Gitara

Leo and the Tolstoys – Instant Noodles

Another reminder goes out to all the dormers around the university! Be sure you stack up on supplies because, trust us, the typhoon’s out there to ruin everyone’s game. You don’t want to reach the point in which even fastfood delivery services won’t take your orders because of the flood—that’s the worst! It’s always good to have cup noodles and bread ready for those days when the weather’s simply unforgiving. Don’t forget to treat yourself with some real food after the storm!

Reese Sta. Maria – Cotton Candy Dreams

Some feel-good pop rock for dessert, anyone? Here’s a sweet track from Reese Sta. Maria to cap off this mixtape. Make sure you guys keep this playlist handy, especially for those days when you just wanna feel like a grizzly bear fattening up for the winter. Bon appetit!

We from TOMCAT and Amplify hope you support the artists you discover through our Catnip mixtapes. Aside from downloading their songs from Amplify site, go purchase their music in whatever format you like, buy their merch, and find time go to their shows. This is the brain child of a collaboration that ultimately aims to further promote artists from our local music scene, and we hope you enjoy every single one of them. Cheers!