Stories Told EP Launch: EPonymous

January 30, 2016
Tiendesitas Activity Center

Co-presented by UP Maroon FM, Tiendesitas, Loudmouth Collective and Tomasian Cable Television.

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Stories Told finally launched their EP entitled EPonymous. Preshow started at 5PM with performances by Morning & Midnight, Rae Patalinghug, Erickson Amores, Faith Musni, Vanya Castor, Aya de Quiroz, Chelsea Ronquillo, Xavier & Mon and Dan Tristan.

At 7:30, At The MomentTheSunManagerThe Big Beer DippersImelda and Reese Lansangan serenaded the crowd together with Stories Told, of course.

Thank you, 2015!

Thank you, 2015!

It has been another great year, Thomasians! 2015 taught us another round of life lessons, for sure. And of course, our lives are painted with more memories which we will treasure. To the year that has been and to the year that will be, thank you for always letting us serve the Thomasian community. Thank you so much, 2015! Hello, 2016!



In line with the #TunogTomasino Project which aims to establish and promote the arts scene within our university, there was an En Route which was held at the Benavides Park at UST. And for the second leg, here's what went down at SHOTGUN! THEORY at Selda Dos, last December 11, 2015.

Co-presented by and Clothesline, it featured an all Thomasian lineup: Where's Ramona, Sour Cheeks, The Modern Playground, MilesExperience, Aninag, Oido, Divino Dayacap ft. Wanders and a special guest: Loop.


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Panthera Tigris


Tell me the name of that beast 

The one with the setting sun 

And the night’s shadows 

Scorched and streaked, upon 

The softness of its coat. 


That beast, that weaves at dusk 

With streamlined elegance, 

Undaunted and untamed. 

It charges towards the fray, 

A number of soldiers at the front lines. 


With his canines unleashed, 

As Achilles swings the first slash 

Of his blade. No stone unturned 

And no prey unseized, he is 

A hero, but not without a heel. 


His claws are that of a predator’s, 

An iron-grip on ending the drought. 

His eyes are that of a warrior’s, 

Remaining a champion, even if his luck runs out.

- raac